Your satisfaction is very important to us and is 100% guaranteed.

FMEOS E-Commerce design packages, CMS Packages, and Website Design Packages include a 15 days money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with our service for any reason, you will receive a full refund if you cancel your order within 15 days of your order payment date.

Any request for cancellation must be received in written format via Web form, support or E-mail within 15 days from service purchase date and will only be processed in case of service non-performance or corruption that might be caused by FMEOS side, Refund requests will not be accepted if it’s requested for any cause that’s out of FMEOS side, For example:

:: Failure of any third party programs that are not supported by FMEOS.
:: Customer’s lack of experience dealing with web basics and communication protocols.

Accounts canceled/terminated by FMEOS for violating our Terms & Conditions do not qualify for the money back guarantee. For example, you hosted with us and if your account is canceled due to spamming, you will not be given any refund.

Important Information

How do I qualify to claim a refund?
When you receive your initial design concepts for your e-commerce solution, logo, website or marketing video, you can choose to take certain actions. See below, how these actions affect your eligibility to claim a refund:

Action Result
Approve and proceed with your designs / Solution Money back guarantee becomes void
Request changes or revisions in the designs / Solution Money back guarantee becomes void
Reject / disapprove the designs / Concepts Money back guarantee is applicable
Take no action for 15-30 days (according to package guarantee) Money back guarantee offer becomes void, however FMEOS will review and uphold the offer on its own discretion

How long does it to take to receive a refund?
It usually takes 10-20 business days to refund your amount.

Does the money back guarantee to apply to all packages?
Only those mentioned on our website. Please check the package details for money back guarantee.

Payment sends fee.
Depending on the payment method you use for payment we may deduct fee which requires sending you a payment.

Impotent Note: please note that customers claiming a refund will not be allowed to use the initial design and e-commerce concepts sent to them. Also, you must remove FMEOS Products, images and data from all computers and destroy any code/images that you generated with FMEOS E-Commerce, Web design Products / Services.

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