FM Enterprises Offers Web site Maintenance and Management Services for your website updates with fresh and dynamic content just like nature of your business and website.


Why hire a full-time webmaster, when you can get at a fraction!

FMEOS offers a range of services to help you maintain the best web presence possible.

Empower your site with interactive software & database functionality.



Website design and redesign services


Simple phpBB Installation: $49.95

Installation With Improved CAPTCHA: $64.95

With File Attachment Functionality: $79.95

With Improved CAPTCHA & File Attachment Functionality: $89.95


Integration of NukedGallery: $49.95

Gallery 2 and phpBB 2.0.22

* $49.95 If Gallery and phpbb scripts are already installed and we only Integrate them. ..

* $79.95 if Gallery Script installed and we install php bb and Integrate it. ..

* $119.95 We have to install both scripts and integrate them. (with Shell and Cpanel access). Recommended ..

* $169.95 Without Shell access (cpanel or any other contrl panel with ftp, Mysql and phpMyAdmin access.


Installation & Integration of Chat: $49.95

(if you have properly installed forum)

phpBB Installation And Chat: $79.95



We offer upgrade services for phpBB2.0.22 forums (2.0.22 to 3.0.0). Cost depend on forum database and time require for upgrade.


Upgrade services (2.0.22 to 3.0) cost idea:

Normal upgrade (100 records) : $50-$79

Conversion phpbb2 to phpbb3 (5-15mb records) : $95

If database is less than 50mb and records are under 1000: $125

Less than 100mb and records in 1k-3k: $149

Greater than that: $149-$495


Normally conversion work done within 24-48 hours, however it may take extra time in some cases (max 2-4 days).





phpBB Script Installation

script Installation Script Installation Main


We install phpBB forum software (both PhpBB2 LEGACY RELEASE, PhpBB3 GOLD RELEASE) and its modifications on the fly! Whether you want a simple phpBB forum or forum with extra functionalities we can do it.

phpBB Script Installation isn't the only service we provide but also provide updation, customization and Integration of forums according to your website structure and design with forum maintenance services.


Like Integration of Gallery 2 and phpBB 2.0.22 to display your Gallery images at phpbb forum.

PhpBB File attachment Mod: Upload different kind of files to your phpbb forum posts.

Improved CAPTCHA to avoid spam for your forums.

With enhanced captcha it become difficult for robots/bots to signup as a member and post spam.

See the example:

phpBB default CAPTCHA Image

Easy to guess for bots.


Improved CAPTCHA

Hard to guess for bots.

Get better captcha for your forum and stop the spammers!


Live Chat System: Ajax based feature rich live chat for your forum members as well as for guests (if allowed) with multi language support. Admins at forum are automatically admin for chat same as Mods and Users levels. We'll integrate the chat according to your forum and give forward/back links (chat/message board) for easy navigation. Other customization work can be done according to your directions with fixed or hourly price.


phpbb arcade games installation:

phpbb arcade games mod installation and integration with phpBB 3.x Forums.


Conversion from phpBB 2.0.x to phpBB 3.0.x

Professional phpBB2 board to phpBB3 conversion with over 40 conversions without a single complaint. Cost can be anywhere $50-$495, please contact us with your board details (link). Before the upgrade we heavily recommend that you do a full backup of your database and existing phpBB2 source files!


Also providing Website design integration services, so functionality scripts looks like part of your website current design or re-design look.


Not this but we also offers website maintenance services so you can save both time and money by giving us your web site maintenance services.

Our Web Site Maintenance packages are quite flexible and start just @ $29.00 / per month.

You can contact us if you want any kind of paid help to setup your message board or assistance and support after successful install of script.


Contact us now if want us to maintain your forum website or want our software Installation, website customization, design or Integration services for any PHP/CGI forum script.



We do it professionally and timely manner (so far we done hundreds of installations and upgrades for different scripts without a single complaint), however there are always possibilities of data loss or misbehaving of your website due to any scripting work. So you have to backup your website data before asking us for any service.


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